Our farm

Who are we?

Brian: I am a career farmer that has been farming for 36 years. I am passionate about producing and enjoying highly nutritious and quality food. I am continuing the tradition of caring for the land and the animals as the generations before me. Being the "idea guy" always allows for new ways to expand the business.


Lise: I have been a Nusre for 29 years and in 2012 made the decision to pursue my passion for cooking and offering meals at our farm. While preserving my grandmothers recipes i am inspired by locally produced products to create a unique dining experience.


It's with great pride that we can say that all our kids have worked on our farm at different times.

Bottom row: Harrison, Katelyn Brian, Lise, Darragh Top row: Kim and Krista

We pride ourselves in producing the finest grass fed meats, and offering a unique dining experience with our Parilla (argentine style BBQ) in our heritage barn. You will find our products and other local products in our country meat store.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect our land and the environment for the generations to come. To produce high quality meats and offer superior quality services in a healthy, natural way for people who respect what we do to be well rewarded for our work and to have fun!

What is grass fed?

  • Highly nutritious and healthy and the most natural way to raise animals. 
  • High levels of omega 3 and ACL
  • The animals are never fed any grain products. 
  • Slaughtered and processed at a local provincially inspected abattoir.

Why grass fed?

By having animals that eat high fiber grass, it creates meat that is rich in omega 3, and high in ACL which is beneficial because it helps prevent heart disease and cancer. Grass-fed meat supports local economies, is eco- friendly, and is healthy for the animals, people and the soil.

Our Production

Grass-fed beef: We raise black and red Angus beef. During the summer they are out on pasture and they eat grass. There is never a presence of grain in their diet. Every day they are moved into a new section of pasture to make sure they have fresh grass with a lot of fiber. The animals are never injected with hormones and antibiotics which ensure a true healthy animal the way nature intended it to be.

Meadow Veal: they are born early spring on grass, they spend all the summer with their mother, nourished on mother’s milk, fresh grass, water and sunshine!!

Summer lamb: We raise Katahdin sheep which are an ideal breed for meat and since they are hair sheep, no sheering is needed. The lambs are born early spring, spending all summer frolicking on grass with their mothers. They are weaned and fed all winter with our highest quality hay, and finished with a minimum of 60 days on grass.